When creating images, it's important to keep your ideal client in

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When creating images, its important to keep your ideal client in
When creating images, it's important to keep your ideal client in mind-is it men or women, athletes, moms, children, professionals?  All these people would be attracted to different content, so the crafting of your content should support your brand. ⠀ Think of props to help set the scene that speak to your ideal client -use key holidays, seasonal changes, people using product to show what life looks like when using your company. This is another key way to connect with your audience!⠀ ⠀ Browse through these photos to see how we keep the target audience, their hobbies, and props to speak to them in mind. During this brand session with we captured the feeling of her target audience by showing a day at the coffee shop with a warm hug-in-a-cup latte, trendy shots with a bold pink dress and black standout pieces (heels, hat, umbrella) and her in the process of creating beautiful pieces of fiber art so the audience knows what goes into the final product! Do you see how these photos bring the target audience into the experience?⠀ ⠀ Make time today for your own brand photography session with me and let's tell your story. Message me and let's get your session booked!⠀

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