Throwback Thursday: Tips on photographing a baby * Had to post at

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Throwback Thursday Tips on photographing a baby * Had to post at
Throwback Thursday: Tips on photographing a baby * Had to post at least 1 more from last February's newborn portrait session with Mason. Based on that experience, here is what worked as regards photographing a baby: 1. Letting his mama be my assistant. He was naturally comfortable with her, whereas he had just met me. This way, I could capture organic moments between them too. 2. Using window light. Natural light is always better than artificial flash. 3. Moving around a lot. A newborn is limited in mobility. Post foot fracture + physical therapy, I was still uncomfortable in my own mobility but at least healed enough to shoot. * Also through his session, here is what I learned: 1. Be more aware of the temp + keep to 2-3 outfit changes. February is a cold time of year in the Midwest. Over the course of an hour, we tried 4 outfits, 1 of which he simply cried through. 2. Experiment w/bouncing a diffused external flash and/or continuous studio lighting (I now have both). Used window light as much as possible but sometimes it was still somewhat dark. Editing software saved some of those photos. 3. Bring/use a step stool. I had never thought about it but can now see the benefits. * Overall, thankful my newborn portrait session with Mason 1 year ago was a success. If you know new parents, or parents to be, thinking of booking a session, I would love an intro :) And, thanks for the support!! *

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