There are rules in photography. But don't get disheartened, these

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There are rules in photography. But dont get disheartened, these
There are rules in photography. But don't get disheartened, these are not designed to superimpose on your creativity. Rather, you can consider them as guides, meaningful tried and tested guidelines which have worked this far. - As a beginner photographer you must surely be looking at the images made by other photographers, people whose work you admire. - Among the many things that you may no doubt notice is the compositions of these photographers tend to be a lot more eye catching. - There is no magic wand which you can wave and your photography can become better all of a sudden. It does take a considerable amount of time and energy to develop the necessary skills to make great images. - One thing that is also required is a good understanding of the Compositional Rules of photography.swipe - Once you have mastered these rules, you would be able to go beyond them, break them whenever necessary so that you can create even more compelling images. -

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