That light!! They don't call it the "magic hour" for nothing! I'm

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That light!! They dont call it the quotmagic hourquot for nothing! Im
That light!! They don't call it the "magic hour" for nothing! I'm often asked photography questions (which I love, keep 'em coming ), so I thought I'd share a few tips for getting some memorable family photos on your beach vacation: ️ LIGHTING: Use that beautiful soft lighting at sunset (or sunrise if your kids are super early risers!) to your advantage. Shoot with the light at your back so it lights up your kids' faces. If the sun is causing your kids to squint, wait until it has just set - you'll still get a really pretty glow. ️ CANDID vs. POSED: Capturing your kids in their natural state allows their personalities to really shine through so just follow them around and click away as they play. That being said, it's often difficult to candidly get your whole family in one photo. So "staging" a more posed shot means you can get that coveted picture of everyone together. Give your kids advance warning so they're not thrown off guard, and position it as a fun task: "I need your help to get a nice family photo of all of us tonight at sunset - can you make sure you bring your best smile?". ️ OFF CENTER: When composing your photo, don't always resort to placing your subject in the middle - try mixing it up using the rule of 1/3rds. Think of cutting your photo into thirds, both horizontally and vertically. Position your subject + any horizon lines on one of the "cut" lines. ️ NEAR VS. FAR: Aim to get a close-up portrait shot of each of your children (a gorgeous blue sky/ocean makes a fabulous backdrop), but also capture them at a distance so you can get a sense of your surroundings. ️ TO BE CONTINUED in tomorrow's post! Turn on notifications so you don't miss it

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