LET'S TALK POSING I mentioned this in my last post but being in f

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LETS TALK POSING I mentioned this in my last post but being in f
LET'S TALK POSING I mentioned this in my last post but being in front of the camera makes me feel so vulnerable!! As soon as I reverse roles and become a mode instead of a photographer I start feeling like a bag of bones with no control of my body. SO...I've decided to practice being in front of the camera to gain some damn body awareness and learn how to better coach posing. In an attempt to be even MORE vulnerable, I'm posting the outtakes of how I got 2 different shots in hopes that it gives y'all some helpful posing tips next time you're the one caught like a deer in the headlights in front of a camera lens. <-- SWIPE LEFT 1. I knew I wanted to do something interesting with my necklace because playing off of your accessories gives you some relief from the "what do I do with my hands?!" panic that we all experience! In this first shot, I'm pretty square to the camera which made the shot boring. 2. This one is /better/. I started to turn my body in this next one, but my jaw is still square to the camera and my hand just looks like it happened to get caught in my necklace. FINAL: Turning my face to the side accentuated my jawline and the tension with my hand in the necklace is more interesting here! 1. I said I was posting outtakes so don't drag me too much for this one plz My shoulders are scrunched up to my ears which = uncomfortable looking and my hands behind my head are hella awkward. 2. BETTER. I look less tense, but I'm not using the space I'm in very well and it looks like my arms end at my wrists! FINAL: My pose fills the frame, my hands are relaxed, and I'm leaning against a wall which grounds the pic a bit more. Sometimes you gotta take 50 bad pictures to get a good one!! So don't be afraid to look dumb bc sometimes that's what leaves you with the best shot! Drop me a comment if you're an awkward turtle in pictures too and if you'd like to see more informative posts like this!

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