"Everyone  peddles timing--the random alchemy of abutting molecu

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quotEveryone  peddles timing--the random alchemy of abutting molecu
"Everyone  peddles timing--the random alchemy of abutting molecules--though  I've grown weary of waiting. Stillness is the danger. So I spread out  my arms, carved ciphers into ether while a choir could be heard along  the nave where winding trails scissor the basin. Spiraling downward,  I mouthed a new prayer, knelt in air for deliverance, morphing into needle  of a compass, unbeholden to a place inhospitable: the mind. The mind bent  on forgetting: I was blown wide open." . Interlaken, Su Hwang . . . One of my favorite shots, this one in 2018 is an example of a unique shot that I have never seen by any other photographer, and it was a magic serendipitous scene where frozen water was drying in symmetrical lines, in just such a way, and i watched as many people just walked over it, looking and being elsewhere, and I danced in joy that I was gifted with a different being, a being here, in the moment, looking, looking breathlessly... . . .

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