3/6 - Adidas Derby #photographytips on #sportsphotography 1. be r

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3/6 - Adidas Derby #photographytips on #sportsphotography 1. be r
3/6 - Adidas Derby on 1. be rich and buy the longest focal length lens with largest aperture 2. if not rich, try the goalie coz he basically just stays in the penalty area for like, 50% of the time 3. just like shooting animals but this time you can shoot without worrying they'd flee 4. if unsatisfied, keep going to matches, as players usually wear the same kit so no one knows how many attempts you've taken for that shot (unless you brag about it on9ly) 5. since the grass is always green, add a filter to make things more interesting (but not too interesting to become a game of 22 ETs) _______ Bear with me, am posting 6 sets of shots in 6 days for this collection I name Halcyon Days which serves as a personal collection/reference skill-wise and HK-wise for me to review. . . . .

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