How can we help our Mother Earth? These are some small things ev

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 How can we help our Mother Earth? These are some small things ev
How can we help our Mother Earth? These are some small things every bride and groom might consider while planning their wedding. Doing at least one of those can sustainably change the whole wedding industry and as a result make a huge change to the Universe! . ️ Paperless paperwork! Just count all of your vendors and multiply the number by 15 pages and than multiply again by at least 2 copies, what a waste! We're signing our contracts online, it's harmless and more convenient for both sides. You might suggest that to all of your wedding vendors, if they still don't do it. . ️ Reusable bags! Get creative here. There are a lot of "I said yes", "Bride's tribe", "Wedding on the way" bags out there. You can do less harm to the planet and tell everyone once again you're getting married, how cool is that? Our, for example, has our IG on it and painted retro camera, thanks to . ️ Digital invitations and save the dates! It becomes more and more popular to go paperless with the cards. By the way, it's going to save you some money for the honey moon . ️ Recycle! You definitely don't want to think about garbage at your wedding day. So, hire someone to take care of it months in advance. As easy as that! Some vendors recycle, make sure to ask. . ️ Get an electric getaway car! Why not? It's fancy! . What else can we do? Let's share our ideas in comments . . . .

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